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xD 06:41

lel :D

Awwwwwwwwww so cuuuuute :3
Nicely done!

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Nothing can stop Malo Man!

PestoForce responds:

Go for the gold!

Much doge
very dodging
such retry
dogewsome :D

0_0 have..to..DODGE
Fun stuff! Keep it up :D

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It's good! Still as magical as the old one.
Your mixing and mastering gets better with every track you make
Imo you should've kept the piano starting at 2:34 from the original-
it sounds close and beautiful o.o
keep going :3

AvapXia responds:

I agree about the piano. It was good during the main areas but the solo was a different vibe. I bet if i had kept the distortion for the solo it would have helped.

Thanks for the review :)

Actually I'm taking a break atm but I had to check out what you're doing :3

This is niiiiiice! Doing the strange chord thing is fun eh :D?
I was impressed when the drums started.
Keep going! :)

AvapXia responds:

Thank you!
Yeah, the chords were one of my favorite parts to make and hear.
And actually tried my hand at mixing the drums this time around lol.
Glad you liked it :)

This made me cry. So beautiful..

theawesomeguy3000 responds:

I just made this for fun, never expected this lol

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That dragon looks cool! There are trees everywhere but no tree-like shadows in the dragon itself.. magic? Or did the dragon eat blue glowsticks :D?
I like how you did the trees in the background
I should definitely draw something like this too
But my drawings are always black &white because I suck at colors O_O
Check out my art section in 1 or 2 days ^^
~ Cursedsnake

swaenK responds:

Psh. Pppppsshshhhhh these "tree shadows" you speak of. Jeeeez, where do you come up with these "things"

It's not really a "true finished piece" kind of a sketch. A first draft if anything.

:D cool

Like it!
I think the eyebrows and the beard should be a little more bushy :3
Nothing else to complain about.
Keep it up!
~ Cursedsnake

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